Aug 17, 2014: Still alive

I rarely have time for UO these days. If you're looking for me, contact me via facebook or email.

Aug 25, 2013: And It's live!

Still updating a lot of pieces and will add more, but otherwise, upgrade complete. Built in drupal 7 on a completely custom, from-scratch responsive theme employing Twitter's bootstrap CSS framework.

Aug 17, 2013: Tour

If you're new here, here's the brief run-down: I once religiously played a game called Ultima Online. This site housed all of my nerdiest fanfic, game art, jokes, and random musings. Since then I've evolved it into your run-of-the-mill site. In the menus, personal (often old) stuff is on the left, professional stuff on the right.

Aug 17, 2013: Site reworked

Obviously, I've reworked the website from the ground up. Really in an effort to get my portfolio and experimental programming highlighted. It's also now responsive - although I certainly wouldn't expect to be able to view all downloadable content properly on your phone. Some stuff is 15 years old!

What's New

Check out our team's kickstarter: Thy Dunjon Quest, a game of intrigue, betrayal, gambling, and nerdgasm. Ankh Logo